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As a Detail Management company, CAP Solutions have been helping a lot of car dealerships around CT.

If you think is time to change or "fix" your Detailing Department, but dont want to waste time and money on it. Just give me a call: Chris Avila (203) 676-8021, and I can show you exactly what we can do to help to make your Detailing Department run correctly.

Save on money, fast pace services, quality warranty, liability on damages, and best of all:you do not have to handle labor (because all dealer managers knows how this is a nightmare).

CAP Solutions manage your detailing on-site, we bring a whole structure (equipments, products, cabinets, workbench), we follow your control (RO, or PO, or Get ready, daily or weekly) and, we provide the professional labor that you need.

You do not have to tell us how many workers you need , only tell us how many cars you want to be done and we take care of it.

I assure you that after we start to work with your company, you not going to even remember that the Detailing Department exists. You just have to enjoy the results of our services.

So, if you are ready to change or "fix" your detailing department, give us a call

Chris Avila
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Should you Outsource your Detailing Department ?

All the car dealership owners and managers have the same complaint: it is to frustrating to manage a detailing department.

Outsourcing your Detailing Department is a great option those days. We at CAP Solutions have the correct structure and processes to handle in a professional matter any auto Detailing Department.

Our experience working for 7 years on managing Detailing Department on new and used car dealerships show us that you can have advantages outsourcing your Detailing Department:

You pay by car: that way you know your investment in a vehicle and will eliminate the staff that, sometimes, you keep in the company without anything to do it.

We warranty services and we are responsible for car damages that can eventually happened. This will reduce cost and lower the insurance premium.

No more worries about labor. They come to work late, high turnover, training. The main issue of any detailing department it is the workers. CAP Solutions can save you from those headaches. This will be our problem after your take a decision to outsource your Detailing Department with us. We have a professional approach when we talk about Detailing Department. Our workers understand how crucial and important their services are and how the way we act can affect whole sale process. 

Besides those important facts, outsourcing your Detailing Department can save you in payroll costs, works compensation, buying products, maintenance of equipment, training, and you only have to see the final result of our services: a car that will make your customer fall in love.

Some owner or managers that we work with, took around 2 or 3 years to make the decision to give to us their entire Detailing Department, but after that decision and after they saw the way we do it, they keep asking us why we did not decide this before.  

CAP Solutions - Detailing Department Management.

Empowering your sales team!

Contact Roma Guizelini now and she will be right there for any question you have on how to make your life easy on your company.

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Leave it to us. We will help you show cars your customers will love it.