Referral Program


CAP Solutions - Referral Program

Our referral program rewards our customers for
their continuous support
by giving customers a $500 referral commission
for each dealership that contracts our services,
while also giving a
$500 referral commission for the
individual who refers us.


Guidelines: Refer us to another dealership. Once an agreement is contracted, we will enter a payment schedule: After 4 weeks of contract execution, we will provide a check of $300 to you and $300 to your dealership referral. Four weeks after that point, we will provide an additional check of $200 to you and $200 to your dealership referral. To earn the $1,000 referral bonus, CAP Solutions must contract a Detailing Department Management Agreement or a Cleaning Service Agreement with the dealership that you refer. Referral program ends on 12.31.2021.  Every contract secured on or before 12.31.2021 will be paid according to schedule. An individual may refer as many times as he/she wants up to a maximum of $5,000 in paid referral monies. A 1099 form will be issued for taxes purposes for any monies earned above a thousand dollars.  Agreement will be voided if personal information is not obtained for tax document at time of paid out.  Agreement will be voided if contract is cancelled prior to 60 days of trial period.

For more information about CAP Solutions, please call us at 1-844-754-4949.